2 Star Hotels in Fribourg

Hotel Ringmauer, Murten / Morat

The Hotel-Restaurant Ringmauer in Murten / Morat is a charming two-star hotel located in an ancient building near the old defensive walls of the old town of Murten, a five minutes walk from Murten train station.

Hotel La Chaumière, Neyruz

The Hotel La Chaumière in Neyruz is a two-star hotel located in a small countryside village, 10 kilometers west from Fribourg. It can easily be reached in five minutes from the Matran exit of the highway or in 10 minutes from the Neyruz train station.

Hotel Bahnhof Murten / Morat

The Hotel-Restaurant Bahnhof Murten (or Hotel de la Gare de Morat in French) is a small family two-star hotel located just accross Murten train station.

Hotel Auberge de l’Ange, Albeuve

The Hotel Auberge de l’Ange is a two-star hotel located in the countryside village of Albeuve, in the valley that links Bulle and Gruyère with Gstaad and Château d’Oex. You have to drive 20 minutes from the Bulle exit of the highway to reach this location. The hotel is located just 50 meters from the Bulle-Montbovon Albeuve train station.

Hotel Lion d’Or, Romont

The Hotel du Lion d’Or in Romont is a cozy two-star hotel located in the center of the small historical town of Romont, just five minutes away from the Romont train station.

Restoroute Motel Gruyere

Located right on the highway close to the Lake Gruyere, the Restoroute Motel of Gruyere is a two-star hotel that features 36 well-decorated rooms that promises guests a comfortable, peaceful and relaxing stay. The hotel, with its 30 years of elegant tradition, is an ideal lodging facility in the heart of the enchanting Fribourg countryside for families, leisure travelers and business guests.

Hotel Manoir, Vaulruz

The Hotel le Manoir in Vaulruz is a two-star hotel located in the center of a small countryside village, 5 kilometer away from Bulle in the Gruyère area of the canton Fribourg. The Vaulruz highway exit is just one-minute drive away and the Vaulruz Sud CFF train station just a two-minutes walk.

Hotel de Ville, Broc

Located in the center of Broc, the Hotel de Ville is a two star hotel located at the heart of Gruyere near the city of Bulle.

Hôtel-de-Ville, Attalens

The Hôtel-de-Ville in Attalens is a two star hotel located on the southern border of the canton Fribourg. It is located in a small town that is close to the Lake Geneva Riviera area that includes the cities of Montreux and Vevey.

Hotel Le Gruyerien, Morlon

The Hotel Le Gruyerien is a two-star hotel located in Morlon, a small village that is close to Bulle and overlooks the beautiful Lake Gruyere. Morlon is just a five minute drive from the Bulle highway exit.

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