Restaurants, cafes, bars in Fribourg, Murten, Morat, Bulle, Gruyere, Estavayer, Switzerland

Restaurant Aigle Noir, Fribourg

Located in the center of Fribourg, the restaurant Aigle Noir (the dark eagle in English) offer some fine cuisine both in a bistro and a gastronomic version.

Restaurant Chesery, Murten / Morat

Located just near the famous Kaserei in the center of the old town of Murten / Morat, the restaurant Chesery is a special place that is both a restaurant offering a mix of modern and traditional cuisine and an antique shop.

Restaurant La Pinte des Mossettes, Cergniat

Located in a remote part of Gruyere in the Charmey valley, the restaurant La Pinte des Mossettes has a long tradition of offering fine gastronomic cuisine based on local plants. The Swiss Michelin guide 2017 edition has awarded one star this restaurant.

Restaurant Hotel de Ville, Vaulruz

Located in a small village of Gruyere just outside Bulle, the restaurant Hotel de Ville of Vaulruz is one of these rare gems in Switzerland that offer fine gastronomic cuisine for a very reasonable (Swiss) price.

Restaurant Da Pino, Murten / Morat

Located near the train station of Murten / Morat, the Restaurant Da Pino offers a fine vision of Italian cuisine that has been recognized by the Michelin guide.

Restaurant Kaeserei Murten / Morat

Located within the walls of the old town of Murten / Morat near the French church, the restaurant Kaeserei offers brasserie cuisine with a gastronomic twist.

Restaurant Bistrottino, Murten / Morat

Located in an old house of the main street of the old town of Murten / Morat, the restaurant Bistrottino serves meal inspired by the local and Italian cuisine with maybe the best pizzas in town.

Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville, Fribourg

Located close to the Cathedral in the center of the historical city of Fribourg, the restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville provides some fine cuisine that is recognized by the gastronomic guides Michelin and Gault Millau.

Restaurant la Pinte des Vernes, Pringy

Located near the town of Gruyere and the Maison du Gruyère demonstration cheese making factory, the restaurant Pinte des Vernes in Pringy provides tasty local and French cuisine.

Restaurant Holy Cow, Fribourg

Holy Cow is a Swiss chain of gourmet hamburgers that are sourced locally. Their restaurant in Fribourg is located in the center of the city in the pedestrian Rue de Lausanne, close to the cathedral.

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