Café du Gothard, Fribourg

Located in the old center of the city of Fribourg near the Cathedral, the Café du Gothard is an historical restaurant that has been active since 1850. Besides food, you will certainly also appreciate its charming wooden decor that is the heritage of this long history.

The Café du Gothard in Fribourg provides some typical Swiss cuisine with a main emphasis on the famous cheese fondue with is really a specialty of the place as it is provided with the local version made with vacherin cheese and served with potatoes. There is naturally much more than this on the large menu of this restaurant that includes also some plate inspired by the French brasserie cuisine. The Café du Gothard also provides a large selection of Swiss and French wines.

Address: Café Du Gothard, Rue du Pont-Muré 16, 1700 Fribourg, 026 322 32 85
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Café du Gothard, Fribourg

Café du Gothard, Fribourg

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Café du Gothard, Fribourg 46.806100, 7.161658 Café du Gothard, Fribourg

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