Hotel Restaurant Etoile, Charmey
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Hotel Restaurant Etoile, Charmey

The Hotel Restaurant Etoile in Charmey is a three-star hotel located in the center of Charmey, a small mountain village located 10 minutes away from Gruyeres and Bulle and a 30 minutes drive from Fribourg. This is an ideal place in the winter for skiing in a family-oriented ski resort or for hiking and mountain biking from spring to autumn.


Hotel room Fribourg
3 Star Hotel

Hotel Central Dudingen / Guin

The Hotel Central is a 3 star hotel located in the center of Dudingen / Guin, a small town in the German-speaking area of Canton Fribourg. This hotel is conveniently located just two minutes away from both the Dudingen / Guin highway exit and train station.


Restaurant La Suite, Fribourg

Restaurant La Suite, Fribourg

A newcomer to the Fribourg restaurants landscape, the La Suite restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Elite, just opposite the La Cène. It has been promoted with a score of 13 in the 2018 edition of the Gault Millau gastronomic guide.

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  • The Hotel de la Rose in Fribourg is a 4-stars hotel located in the center of Fribourg. The hotel can be reached with a 15 minutes walk from the Fribourg train station or a five minutes drive from the Fribourg Nord exit of the A 12 highway.
  • The Hotel-Restaurant Ringmauer in Murten / Morat is a charming two-star hotel located in an ancient building near the old defensive walls of the old town of Murten, a five minutes walk from Murten train station.
  • The Hotel Schiff in Murten / Morat is a three-star hotel located just on the shores of the Lake Murten / Morat, at the bottom of the historical part of the city. The hotel is just a two minutes drive from the Murten highway exit and a 10 minutes walk [...]
  • The Hotel La Chaumière in Neyruz is a two-star hotel located in a small countryside village, 10 kilometers west from Fribourg. It can easily be reached in five minutes from the Matran exit of the highway or in 10 minutes from the Neyruz train station.
  • The 4 star Hotel Seepark in Muntelier is modern and well-established accommodation for both vacations and business situated near the town of Murten / Morat, which is well known for its historical legacy and tourism possibilities. The hotel is just a two minutes drive from the Murten highway exit.


  • Located in the center of Fribourg, the restaurant Aigle Noir (the dark eagle in English) offer some fine cuisine both in a bistro and a gastronomic version.
  • Located just near the famous Kaserei in the center of the old town of Murten / Morat, the restaurant Chesery is a special place that is both a restaurant offering a mix of modern and traditional cuisine and an antique shop.
  • Located in a remote part of Gruyere in the Charmey valley, the restaurant La Pinte des Mossettes has a long tradition of offering fine gastronomic cuisine based on local plants. The Swiss Michelin guide 2017 edition has awarded one star this restaurant.
  • Located in a small village of Gruyere just outside Bulle, the restaurant Hotel de Ville of Vaulruz is one of these rare gems in Switzerland that offer fine gastronomic cuisine for very reasonable (Swiss) prices.
  • Located near the train station of Murten / Morat, the Restaurant Da Pino offers a fine vision of Italian cuisine that has been recognized by the Michelin guide.


  • The Avenches Tattoo is an international music festival has been clearly ranked the 2nd largest event of its kind in Switzerland. It is the only Tattoo that takes place in French speaking Switzerland. The invited high quality musical and choreographic marching bands put on spectacular shows that make the arenas [...]
  • Stars of Sounds Murten is an open air music festival that takes place every year between Murten / Morat and Aarberg. In 2018, the Murten concerts will take place from July 5 to July 7. International and local pop and rock artists participate to this musical event.
  • The Avenches Opera Festival takes place yearly since 1995 at the beginning of July in the beautiful historical location of the ancient Roman arenas, near the Lake of Murten / Morat. Past editions features famous opera such as Aida, Carmen, Nabucco, The Enchanted Flute, La Traviata, Il Trovatore, Don Giovanni, [...]
  • The Belluard Bollwerk International of Fribourg is an arts festival created in 1983. The 2018 edition will run from June 28 to July 7. It takes place every year during ten days and announces the summer in the city of Fribourg, Switzerland.
  • The International Festival of Sacred Music of Fribourg (Festival International de Musiques Sacrées, Fribourg) takes place in Fribourt on alternate years at the beginning of July. It is one of the great classical music events of the summer in Switzerland. Every year, more than 5’000 festival participants attend the concerts [...]