Murten Morat Light Festival,

Murten Morat Light Festival, January 13-24 2021 (cancelled)

The Murten / Morat Light Festival (Murten Licht-Festival in German) is an event where the old town of Murten is going to turn into a lighting show of superlatives. Visitors will enjoy artistic productions on buildings, in the streets and on the towers of the town will immerse them into a mysterious and magic world.

Vully Open Wineries

Vully Open Cellars, September 5-6 2020 (cancelled)

In 2020, the vintners and wineries from the Vully area around the Lake Murten / Morat will offer you a weekend of open cellars (caves ouvertes) from Saturday September 5 to Sunday September 6. This event is part of the annual Caves Ouvertes Vaud (Vaud Open Cellars) that takes place in all the vineyards of the Canton de Vaud.

Avenches Tattoo

Avenches Tattoo, September 3-5 2020 (cancelled)

The Avenches Tattoo is an international music festival has been clearly ranked the 2nd largest event of its kind in Switzerland. It is the only Tattoo that takes place in French speaking Switzerland. The invited high quality musical and choreographic marching bands put on spectacular shows that make the arenas pulsate with incredible sound and arouse the audience’s enthusiasm.

Murten Classic

Murten Classics Festival, August 8-30 2020 (cancelled)

The 2020 edition of the Murten Classics Festival will take place from August 8 to August 30. The Murten Classics is a festival of classical music that has been created more than 30 years ago. It proposes concerts that take place in various locations across the city of Murten / Morat and the surrounding villages.

SlowUp Gruyere

SlowUp Gruyere, July 7 2020 (cancelled)

SlowUp Gruyère is a one day free event where the road in the area of lake of Gruyère (where the famous cheese comes from) is closed to cars. The SlowUp name come from the word ” slow down – pleasure up”. This event is part of a network of 19 SlowUp events in Switzerland that gather more than 400 000 participants every year.

Stars of Sounds Murten

Stars of Sounds Murten / Morat, July 2-4 2020 (cancelled)

Stars of Sounds Murten is an open air music festival that takes place every year between Murten / Morat (July) and Aarberg (June), a small medieval city located not very far in Canton Bern. In 2019, the Murten concerts will take place from July 4 to July 6. International and local pop and rock artists participate to this musical event.